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Michelle Nikol Miller, Client

Laurie is the best groomer I've ever found... She makes my long haired dachshunds look beautiful, and my short haired dogs so shiny and they smell amazing after their spa day. I trust Laurie completely and recommend her above all else. (Especially for poodles!!)

Nan Davidson Lueck, Client

Laurie will not only make your dog look its BEST ever... she will love it like her own! She groomed my standard poodle, Remo, from his first clip to his last (15 years)... and sat with him his final day because I was too upset to do it myself!

Lilly Katzman, Client

We took our Bichon "Buddee" in for a groom on Feb. 2 and were really apprehensive with a new groomer. Laurie gave her a fantastic cut. We have already booked her for her cut before we head back home to Ontario at the end of March.

Pat Land, Client

My absolute favorite groomer I have ever been to!

Ann Hodges, Client

Always the most proficient groomer in Bay County... Today Laurie received a phone call from a NEW client. The lady took the time to telephone and tell Laurie that the services provided were THE BEST she had ever experienced. EVER.


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